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I’m working on revamping my website and so things will be looking a little funny for a bit. Things will be up and running again soon! (and I will be getting back to blogging once it’s all up and running.) See you then!


Peace Begins with Me


{new yoga piece in progress, called Peace Pulse}

While painting this week, I’ve been listening to the book “Miracles Now” by Gabrielle Bernstein. There are 108 lessons in the book based on what Bernstein has learned from A Course in Miracles and her Kundalini Yoga Practice. They are wonderful, simple tips + reminders for living with less stress and more love.

One of my favorite tips from the week was a meditation about cultivating inner peace.

The idea is that peace is something that each of has within us, it exists inside of us and that is the place where we need to begin if we want to experience peace within our lives.

Whenever you are feeling upset or angry, you can stop and take a few moments to do this meditation and it will help to calm you down and make you feel better. I have tried it a couple of times this week and it really does help!

What you do is this:

1. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Tune into your breath.

2. Begin to repeat the affirmation “Peace Begins With Me”, placing your thumb on each finger with each word:

Thumb to index—-Peace
Thumb to Middle—-Begins
Thumb to Ring—-With
Thumb to Pinkie—–Me

3. Continue this for as long as it takes to feel yourself calming down!

peace out + happy friday!



Allowing the Creative Flow

photo 2-6

{a new yoga piece, called “Grow” in progress}

I have been getting up early the past few mornings to do yoga, meditate and then paint. There is something so lovely about the early morning:

The quiet of it glistens with the promise of birdsong.

The light + pink of a predawn sky calms my mind and breath.

The freshness in the air is awakening and inspiring.

photo 1-7

Morning is the perfect time for painting, for finding and allowing creativity to flow.

photo 3-6

{another yoga painting in progress}

Have you ever tried painting in the morning?



Allow Imperfection



Nothing will ever be perfect.

Allow yourself to believe that truth + you will be free.

Allow imperfection.

Allow easy softening to become your habit.



Art Love: Jo Klima

The artwork featured in today’s “Art Love” post is by the inspiring Jo Klima. I originally discovered Jo through her beautiful graphic + web design work over on The Darling Tree. I found her soft, feminine and ephemeral take on design for the internet so refreshing and was inspired to take her e-course, Your Darling Blog Design to learn how to create a beautiful site of my own. Most recently, Jo started sharing some of her artwork and creative journey as part of a project called Maps to Herself. She writes that

“…The best way to deepen my trust and relationship with my spirit is by creating my own sacred space to visually express myself, because a life unexpressed is a life without beauty and magic.”


{Chakra by Jo Kilma}

And her visual expressions are absolutely stunning. Through her rich, jeweled toned colors, sacred geometry and organic mark-making, Jo awakens the spirit. In my opinion, the best art is art that has the capacity to thrill and fill the soul. Jo’s work does just that.


{Universe by Jo Kilma}


{Spirit Mandala by Jo Kilma}

And you can follow along and make art with Jo! Every Monday, she invites people to participate in their own weekly creative practice and share their work via the hashtag, #makeartmonday. It’s a great way to get the creativity flowing!


 {Mind Mandala by Jo Kilma}

Thank you Jo, for sharing your gifts and creativity with the world!

You can find more of Jo here:

Maps To Herself

The Darling Tree

Make Art Monday

Jo’s Shop

Jo on Instagram

Jo on Twitter

Jo on Facebook

Happy Friday!


Allow Yourself To Be Exactly As You Are {a yoga sequence + playlist}


Allow yourself to be where you are.

Yesterday, I rolled out my yoga mat, plopped Savannah down in the middle and started moving. She smiled up at me, played with her toes, rolled to her belly to her back and to her belly again.

I moved into poses around her and moved her around a little bit too. The circumstances were not perfect: my hips were tight, it was a little too warm, I had bug bites everywhere and Savannah had enough of it about 25 minutes in, but it was a beautiful practice anyways because I decided to embrace all of that imperfection and enjoy it.

The best way to enjoy something is to allow it be exactly as it is, without trying to force it or change it.

This sequence is a twisting + hip opening sequence, designed to release the expectations you place upon yourself and instead allow room for things to be exactly as they are.

Here’s a playlist I created to help move you along: Allowing Playlist

warm ups

standing poses



cool down


Gently move into savasana. Take a deep breath and release it. Take another. Let the breath move through your whole body and then gently let the breath be as it is. Feel your body on the floor. Take in the sounds around you. Let yourself be exactly as you are, here in this moment. What does that feel like for you?



Since arriving on the east coast, Savannah has not been sleeping a whole lot during the day. On Saturday, Savannah didn’t sleep at all. She was awake for almost twelve hours straight. I tried again and again to put her down for a nap and she kept resisting sleep. It was a very frustrating day.


{a new, experimental painting called “Allowing”}

Looking back at the situation, I realized that if I’d just allowed myself (and Savannah) to just be where we were, it would have been a much better day. Instead, I spent the whole day wishing things were different than they were. I find myself teetering in this place a lot lately. This place of wishing things were easier, wishing I had more time to myself and for my work, instead of enjoying the moment, allowing it be exactly as it is and not something else.


{I put this new painting on the cover of my 2014 DIY planner, as a reminder to allow myself to be where I am at}

This is something I struggled with long before having a child too. I have always found it difficult to be in the present moment and be ok with everything just as it is. Usually, where I’m at is not exactly where I want to be. I want to be thinner, happier, more productive, better at my art, further along in my business, the list goes on and on.

Accepting, allowing and interacting with your life as though it is exactly as it should be, without making yourself wrong (or right) for what you discover is it the way to Self-Realization. ~Ariel Kane


So this month, I want to explore ways to allow myself to be exactly where I am, no matter how imperfect that place may be.



A couple of shop updates


{a new yoga piece called “Introspection,” available here}

Next week, I head to Vermont for the summer! I am so excited to head back to my home state, to see my family and friends on the east coast and introduce them to Savannah!

I will be keeping my shop open over the summer, however I won’t be able to offer my 11×14 sized prints until I return back to my studio in Idaho in mid-August.

Also, I will be visiting my in-laws in MA until June 2nd, so any please note that any orders placed between May 26th and June 2nd will ship on June 4th. Thanks so much for your patience!

Here’s to a fantastic summer!




And here comes spring…


Spring is in full bloom here in Idaho and that means the wildflowers are starting to pop!

I love the spring in the west, when everything is green for a fleeting moment and the air is rich with the scent of flowers. The picture above was taken at this cool place just south of where I live called Silver Creek Preserve. The lupins were blooming there over the weekend! We also saw a rattlesnake, the first one I’ve ever seen. Have I ever mentioned my deathly fear of snakes? Well, yah. Guess who probably won’t be going back to Silver Creek until the snow falls.


Back in town all of the fruit trees are blooming too! This is the plum tree growing in my front yard. The apple trees are just behind the plums and the lilacs are even starting to bud out!

There is so much inspiration just outside my door.


I have been trying hard to keep my commitment to make art everyday, even if it is just a quick sketch in my sketchbook. With so much blooming inspiration, it’s pretty easy to fill the pages these days!

What has been inspiring you lately?



Things are looking up!


{Looking Up~Available here}

In the last few weeks, I’ve been working hard at getting back into my body and after the long months of pregnancy and postpartum time, it has felt amazing to finally be able to move like I did before! This piece, which I finished yesterday, is a celebration of that!


I wanted to do a piece that featured a modified version of Vaisisthasana because it has been one of my favorite poses as of late. I’ve become so much more accepting of modifying poses in my own practice since my pregnancy.



I have found a beautiful + soft kind of freedom in embracing being exactly where I am.


It makes me feel both joyful and strong. And that is what this piece is about.